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2018 HandBook and Rules

Greater Rochester Youth Wrestling League
GRYWL Handbook 

1.  Introduction     
The Greater Rochester Youth Wrestling League (GRYWL) Handbook will describe the mission, philosophy, rules, and details of GRYWL. The Handbook is intended to be a reference document for managers, coaches, league administrators, players, parents and others associated with the league. 

1.1  Mission 
To develop and grow the sport of wrestling in the Section V region of New York, by encouraging youth wrestling programs to grow and creating pride within the local towns and school districts.  

1.2  Goals 
The Goals of GRYWL are as follows: 
• To provide a safe, fun and positive experience to youth wrestlers
• To insure that health of each wrestler comes before competition  
• To provide a competitive league and fair competition.
• To work with local High School coaches, and align programs such that GRYWL teams become feeder program for their local scholastic schools
• To provide the best competitive environment for wrestlers. 

1.3  History
 2015 is the inaugural season of Greater Rochester Youth Wrestling (GRYWL) The hope is to be a staple that other regions throughout NY will follow and adopt the philosophies of GRYWL

2  League Organizational Structure 
View Document hand book found on website

2.1  Board of Directors 
The overall governing body of GRYWL is the Board of Directors.  The size of the Board of Directors is decided by the existing board.  A majority vote of the board is needed to increase the size of the board. When an open position occurs (via: member resigns or is removed) any new person may declare their interest in the position by putting a request in writing to the Board. It takes majority board vote to fill the vacant position. The new members’ term expires at the leagues’ next scheduled election.  The Board of Directors will have a meeting to elect new officials as necessary.   One member of the executive board must nominate any new candidates.  Voting will be conducted and coordinated by the Board Chairman. 
The election of a new board member will be the top vote getter from a pool of eligible voters which is current board members. 
If there is concern about the performance of a Board member, a majority vote of the combined group of remaining board members would be needed to impeach, and subsequently remove, the Board member. 
Other responsibilities at the Board level include: 
• Chairman
• Vice Chairman
• Secretary 
• Board member - Stats
• Scholastic Variety Liaison
New responsibilities may be formed at the discretion of the Board of Directors and staffed by a majority approval of the Board.   

2.2  League Chairman 
League Board members has the following responsibilities:   
• Recruiting (For new teams): 
• Running Meetings with Coaches 
• Establishing Strict timelines for planning and budgeting of each season.   
• Making sure dates, fees, and respective league information is provided to the webmaster.
• Establishing budgets and fees for the league (subject to approval of the Board of Directors) 
• Updating Scores on the webpage 
• Scheduling of Games and Changes 
• League, Coaching NYWAY registrations 
• Placing teams within divisions. 
• Conflict resolution

2.3 Program Directors |  Team Presidents
Director Responsibilities: 
• Point of contact between league coordinator and your team | club    
• Selection and confirmation of wrestlers 
• Responsible for timely submission of rosters
• Responsible for communication between other teams within the league
• Responsible for facility procurement

Each Program | Team within GRYWL must be approved by the board of directors.  
Team Responsibilities: 
• Selection and Confirmation of wrestlers
• Attendance at League Meetings 
• Coordination of Team Schedule – including Rescheduling 
• Score Reporting 
• Following Code of Conduct 
• Payment of League Fees , NYWAY memberships, Procurement of location 
• Reasonable for all parent concerns and interactions with relation to your clubs.
3.1  League Organization  
GRYWL is organized into (4) divisions.  The divisions within the league have been established by the Board of directors: 

3.2  Rescheduling 
The home teams are responsible for checking facility availability.  In cases where the facility is not available the home team manager is responsible for notifying the officials and the opposing manager 2 hours BEFORE that meet.   
If a team manager fails to notify the other team and or the officials 2 hrs. before the dual time and the officials and opposing team show for the dual meet, the offending team may lose the home dual when it is rescheduled. The offending team will also be charged for associated officials fees should the official request payment.
NOTE: If a manager cannot check the facility, a designee should be assigned (i.e., assistant coach or team parent). This should be established in advance.  
Rescheduling dual meets following a cancellation: 
• Home coach is to determine a reschedule date within 10 days after the date. Opposing coach must agree.  Upon agreement, home coach sends e-mail to league president (with copy to opposing coach).  League Coordinator approves changes and updates website  
• Failure to comply with the above policy without getting an extension from the league President will be a forfeiture of the game by the home team.  If the coaches cannot reach agreement within the 3 days, an email should be sent to the league coordinator or chairman, who will arbitrate a date.  If the neither coach does not respond in a timely manner or is not cooperative in reaching an agreement the league chairman may declare a forfeiture for that team. 

3.3  Dual Meet Cancellation Policy 
The following are legal reasons for the postponement of an already scheduled meet 
• Facility is unavailable as determined by the home manager. 
• Teams are to give more than a 48 hour notice to the apposing team, should the facility not be available due to any reason other than weather.  
• Mutual agreement by BOTH coaches.  In this case the reschedule date must be decided and the new date communicated immediately to the league scheduler. 
• Teams have other school events that would limit the attendance of their roster. (events that would impact wrestlers siblings are not a valid conflict)
3.4  Cross Over | Championship
Teams will be matched up by place finishing in their division. (ex. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3)

3.5  Score Reporting / Protests 
After each game the winning coach is responsible for calling or emailing in the score of their game to the league president or designee on the SAME NIGHT as the game.  If a team fails to call in games within two days, game may be reported as a double forfeit.  
Protests:  Must be filed in writing via letter or e-mail to the League Chairman within 24 hours of the end of the game; The Chairman will directly rule on all protests.  At the Chairman’s discretion they may bring the matter to the Board for a vote.

3.6  Code of Conduct: Entire League 
All people associated with GRYWL are held to highest standards with regards to ethical conduct and sportsmanship.  Any incidents not consistent with these standards should be reported immediately to the Board of Directors. The following rules will apply: 
• Any use of illegal wrestlers will mean automatic forfeiture of the game in which the infraction occurred 
• Any wrestler being ejected from a dual will be suspended for a minimum of one (1) meet.  The wrestler may attend the meets suspended for.   
• Any coach or spectator  ejected from a game will not be allowed to attend the next game (nor be present at the meet) 
• A second ejection by a wrestler, coach or spectator will be an automatic minimum 3 meet suspension.  The length of the suspension may be extended due to the nature of the incidents involved. 
• A third ejection by a wrestler, coach or spectator will be an automatic suspension for the remainder of the season.  The length of the suspension may be extended due to the nature of the incidents involved.  
• Other infractions of rules outlined in this Handbook will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors 
The final determination of the length of any suspension is determined by the chairman and / or the Board of Directors. 

3.7  Code of Conduct: Managers and Coaches 
• Managers will promptly return phone calls to Board members 
• Managers shall cascade information from the Board to all players in a timely manner. 
• Managers shall meet deadlines for the upcoming season as defined by the Board. 
• Managers shall attend ALL coaches meetings or send a suitable substitute.  In the case when no substitute is available they shall notify the League Chairman in advance of their absence and follow up to obtain information that was missed 
• Managers are NEVER to use wrestlers not on their roster in a meet.  Any coach doing so will be IMMEDIATELY removed from their position and will not be allowed to coach in GRYWL.  The team will forfeit all games where illegal players were used.  This is a ZERO tolerance rule. 
• Managers will be held responsible for the behavior of their fans at meets.  Coaches are expected to communicate proper fan behavior to all families of players. 
• Coaches are responsible for dealing with all issues associated with parents. 

4.  Program and Team Organization 
The list of the current programs can be found on the Website. 

4.1  Establishing a Program  
To form a new program | team, an application must be sent to the Registrar to be reviewed by the 
Board of Directors.  The application should be downloaded from the website, filled in completely and sent to the Registrar.  If the program is overlapping existing school district boundaries, an explanation is needed as to why a new team is required.   The application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. 
The responsibilities of a Program Director include: 
• Overseeing the coach selection for teams within the program 
• Ensuring all coaches are following the code of conduct 
• Establishing and ensuring all the rules are followed.   
• Documenting and maintaining the team creation and wrestler selection process for each team in the program. All questions regarding the process should be directed to the respective Program Director. Programs are responsible for all decisions made regarding coach and wrestler selection. All wrestlers and coaches must be in good standing with GRYWL.  All decisions must follow approved GRYWL rules for the team to be eligible to participate in the respective GRYWL.    

4.2  Establishing a Team 
The responsibilities of a Team Manager (Head Coach) includes: 
• Conducting team selection
• Following the code of conduct 
• Registration, roster submission to NYWAY
• Each team is responsible for their own individual player fees and team budget. 
• Any question regarding wrestler’s refunds must be directed to the team or respective Program Director as GRYWL is not involved in team/program finances.
4.3  Team Wrestler Selection Process 
- Team Selection is at the discretion of the coach.

4.4 Program/Team Geographic Boundaries is School District Based
The Section V region of western NY are our league boundary. All members of the team MUST have their primary residence in the school district’s Varsity team geographic boundaries..  
For example:
Webster Thomas Youth Wrestling must be made up of participants who live in the varsity team’s district boundaries. Home schooled or private school students may wrestle for the program in which their primary home is located in. Wrestlers attending a school district living in another area may be eligible for that team. Example: Urban Suburban
Second example: 
Wrestler lives in a town that does not have a GRYWL team or does not want to wrestler for their towns team. This wrestler is not eligible to score in a GRYWL dual, NO EXCEPTIONS!! It is encouraged that teams would welcome all youth wrestlers to be part of their teams and they would be welcomed to compete in exhibition matches but CAN NOT SCORE TEAM POINTS if they do not live in the district their team is registered in the GRYWL under.

4.5 Weigh-ins (Mat side)
Wrestlers are to weigh in, MAT SIDE prior to the start of the dual meet. 
- Wrestlers are to be match ready attire, (less shoes and headgear) while on the scale.  
- The home team is responsible to providing the scale. 
- Weigh-ins are to be away from parents and spectators to prevent any conflict. 
- There is NO allowance to weight classes
- Referees are encouraged to oversee the weight in

4.6 Weight Classes
1. 50
2. 55
3. 60
4. 65
5. 70
6. 75
7. 80
8. 85
9. 90
10. 95
11. 100
12. 110
13. 125
14. HWT (not to exceed 165)

4.7 Wrestler Eligibility 
• Wrestlers must be between the grades of kindergarten to Sixth Grade.
• As described in (4.4) team member in order to score points in a dual meet must live within the school district boundaries of the varsity team or attend school within the district of that varsity team. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• All competing wrestlers, scoring and exhibition wrestlers must have a NYWAY membership

4.7.1 Player "Grandfather clause" 
• There is no grandfather clause for a wrestlers’ ability to score for a team in a dual meet. The purpose of the GRYWL is not to just win but to grow the sport. Families living in a district without a team should be encouraged to form teams and programs!

4.8 Roster Submission 
A roster of all wrestlers must be sent to the league using NYWAY registrations

4.9   Facility Procurement 
Each team will need to obtain facilities for practices, home meets, and makeup dates.  The cost for any facilities must be covered by the individual team and will not be managed by GRYWL.  In addition the manager will identify facility availability at the beginning of the schedule process to the best of their ability. 
Any team not obtaining facility usage by the scheduling deadline will be assigned away meets.  As an away team you may need to share any facility costs and be responsible for referee costs.

4.10  Team Funding /  Budget / Equipment 
GRYWL does not involve its self with the finances of individual teams | clubs.
Each team is responsible for providing their own equipment. Equipment includes: 
• Wrestling Mats 
• Headgear 
• Any uniforms or Singlets ( shorts and tee shirts are acceptable)
• Wrestling Shoes ( Sneakers are acceptable) 

5. Dual Meet Rules & Scoring
Match Rules and Scoring
• Section V Varsity rules are used for scoring
• Matches shall be THREE, ONE minute periods.
• Overtime will be 1 min sudden victory from neutral position
• If still tied the match will go directly to the sudden victory period of :30

Meet Rules and Scoring
• FORFEITS – Forfeits will be 6 team pts.
• Home Team will report score to the league
• A tie score will remain a tie score in the standings and teams record